Your one-stop shop for all your online pewter needs.

The aim is to provide the finest products for you to treasure and can last a lifetime.
This is done by continuing pewter’s rich 800-year history which dates back as far as the Bronze Age. Only the finest quality lead-free materials are used which is then handcrafted in Sheffield by expert craftsmen. This labour intensive process produces the high quality finished designs that you see today. These products represent a tradition that remains timeless to this day and will continue well into the future.
The unique malleability of this metal allows it to be formed into countless different shapes and sizes which allows us to offer many different items and designs for sale.
Some of the most popular items are our Pewter Tankards, Hip Flasks, Goblets and Flutes.
These make wonderful Pewter Gifts for any occasion and many items can be engraved to add an extra personal touch.
We also have a special selection of Pewter Jewellery which is all handmade in Scotland and Cornwall to offer a range of different styles across the UK.
Where possible products contain the maker’s touch marks which guarantee quality and authenticity
Most Orders are sent via direct dispatch and delivered all across the UK & Ireland and select countries worldwide.

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