Pewter and Crystal Decanters add a Touch of Class to Wine and Whiskey

Pewter and Crystal Decanters add a Touch of Class to Wine and Whiskey

Pewter and Crystal Decanters add a Touch of Class to Wine and Whiskey

Often, when we think of decanters we associate them with wealthy people pouring a glass of wine from an, expensive, crystal glass vessel. You also might visualise someone pouring whiskey from one after a hard day’s work or port with a cheeseboard. Pewter and crystal decanters are used in the home, expensive restaurants and at regal dinner parties to name a few. They provide a touch of class and sophistication, but what is the real purpose of a decanter?

Decanting wine

The purpose of decanting red wine is to get the best from your bottle. The slow pouring from a bottle into the decanter helps to leave the sediment undisturbed and assists your wine to “breathe”. Usually the sediment of a decent red wine will settle in the bottom of the bottle over time, and therefore an older wine will taste better once it is separated from it. Whilst allowing your wine to “breathe”, a Pewter or crystal decanter releases the aroma of the wine in the process.  

So what benefits do we get out of using a Pewter or crystal decanter for wine?

It enhances the flavour

When decanting a good wine you are injecting the wine with oxygen. This is more commonly known as letting a wine “breathe”. In turn, this heightens the flavour of the wine by releasing gases and softening the tannins.

Separating sediment from liquid

This is the main reason for decanting wine. A decent red wine will have sediment at the bottom of the bottle and when poured from the bottle can end up in your, or worse, your guests’ glasses. Decanting slowly allows the sediment to stay in the bottle and leaves you glasses and guests’ mouths sediment free.

Broken cork solution

How many times have you inadvertently broken a cork when you’ve tried to open a bottle of wine? The older the wine the more likely this could be an issue. You can use a strainer when decanting your wine, removing any cork residue that may still be in the bottle.

Wines that improve from decanting

You might be surprised to learn that nearly all wines will gain taste and quality after decanting. But here are the main wines that will improve significantly from this process:

  • Bordeaux
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Burgundy
  • Malbec
  • Shiraz

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from purchasing your first Pewter or crystal decanter. Try it for yourself and reap the benefits of a fully decanted, rich and wonderful wine.

Note: sparkling wines or champagne are not suitable for decanting and there are no benefits to decanting whiskey, other than making it appear spectacular in an exquisitely designed decanter.

Personalised pewter and crystal decanters

Pewter and crystal decanters make excellent gifts for all occasions and we can personalise our labels to send a special message to any recipient.  Contact us today to find out how we can make your gift special.

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