The Best Pewter Flasks

The Best Pewter Flasks

Expertly crafted in the famous "steel city" of Sheffield, England, hip flasks from Wentworth Pewter are functional, beautiful, and easily the best to be had.
When it comes to flasks, most on the market are made in China from stainless steel, and are usually not built to meet high quality or safety standards, and may taint your drink.
Instead, pay a little extra for something like English pewter. Modern pewter goods are durable, safe, and completely lead-free. Pewter is favoured for dinnerware and drink-ware due to its durability, unique luster, and low cost relative to silver. A lot of pewter goods today come from England, and this beautiful and functional hip flask from Wentworth Pewter is one of them.
The Wentworth Pewter flask is hand-crafted in Sheffield, an English city long known for its metalwork. Wentworth Pewter itself is a historic maker of English metal goods, and the smooth curved design is attractive and pocket-friendly, and the beauty of the English tin and pewter alloy is evident at first glance. The flask bears distinctive proof marks on the backside and the captive lid has a hinged retainer, so it's pretty much impossible to lose the cap.
The relatively low price point also makes the Wentworth Pewter flask a pretty solid value given its excellent build quality, great design, and historic English pedigree. You'll likely own it for the rest of your life and may even one day hand it down to your kids.
Pros: Hand-crafted in Sheffield of lead-free pewter alloy, excellent build quality and workmanship, a captive lid that won't get lost, solid value for a potential heirloom piece
Cons: The pewter is thicker and heavier than stainless steel flasks

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