A Short History Of the Quaich

A Short History Of the Quaich


If you are unsure here is a small explanation and history of the Quaich that www.pewterworld.co.uk supply.
The word Quaich derives from the Gaelic word “Quaich” which means a cup or the cup of friendship and comradeship. It also stretches back to the Latin age spelled ‘caucus’ which also means drinking cup, is always bowl-shaped with a handle either side.

Quaichs also go back as far as medieval times where people were very distrustful of strangers and therefore carried their own for fear of either being poisoned or their whiskey watering down.
Initially made from pieces of wood and as craftsmen became more proficient, they started using different methods e.g. light and dark woods with strands of copper to create intricate patterns. As the years went by, the skills needed to make Quaichs were regarded and revered and they soon used a range of materials to make Quaichs, from stone and brass to horn and silver and the ever-popular Pewter which started to emerge.
Often the center would be decorated with a silver coin or featured a coat of arms or family motto and adding a decorative aspect it hid any joins that showed after the finished product. They often covered handles with silver or pewter where the owner's initials are displayed.
During the 17th century in Scotland, there was a craze for adding one's initials to property.
In 1745 Prince Charlie took Quaich with him to England when he travelled down from Edinburgh with his army. These had a glass bottom so that the drinker could keep an eye out on his drinking comrades.
We also know that in 1589 King James VI of Scotland gave Anne of Norway a Quaich as a wedding gift.

Today, they are still as popular as ever and used frequently. E.g.. Popular at Scottish Weddings for toasting normally at the main wedding parties table for the Bride and Groom shared love of each other.
They also use them at christenings to drink to the health of the bairn and celebration of new life. Clan Chiefs can also use them as a welcome or farewell cup.
Whether they are to be for ornament use or drinking Cups, Quaichs make wonderful presents. Engraving with a personal message is also available at www.pewterworld.co.uk


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