Children's Gifts 

At Pewter World it isn’t just our older loved ones that deserve a special gift. You may not have thought about it but Pewter children’s gifts are something really special. Our unique and unusual designs make a great keepsake or collectable gift for the little man or lady in your life.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptionally crafted children’s gifts, from money boxes so they can save up for something special, to porringers or one of their very own egg cups with their own spoon. We even stock a child’s Quaich which is a symbol of friendship and trust, something we all want our little ones to learn early on in their lives. These children’s gifts are practical or can be used as a decorative keepsake. We have many distinct and expertly crafted designs to choose from, and we're confident we have something very special for you.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

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