Majestic Copper Stag Crystal Decanter Gift Set with 2 Whisky Glasses


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Majestic Copper Stag Crystal Decanter Gift Set with 2 Whisky Glasses

Introducing the Majestic Stag collection: the exquisite Copper Pewter Decanter and Double Tumbler Gift Set. This ensemble seamlessly blends timeless elegance with sophisticated craftsmanship, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate life’s finer things.

Key Features:

  • Craftsmanship: Each piece is meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail.
  • Functionality: Beyond the ordinary, this set elevates the drinking experience for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.
  • Versatility: Whether showcased as a centerpiece in a home bar or used for intimate gatherings, the Pewter Decanter and Tumbler Gift Set exudes refined taste.
  • Personalization: Make the gift extra special by adding a personalized message to each tumbler through our engraving service.
  • Luxury Packaging: The set is elegantly presented in our branded gift box.
  • Origin: Handmade at our factory in Sheffield, England.

Gift Set Contents:

  1. 570ml Majestic Copper Stag Crystal Decanter
  2. Two 11oz Majestic Copper Stag Tumblers

Raise a toast to sophistication and craftsmanship with this exceptional gift set!

Please note: Not dishwasher safe

Please allow up to 7 days for dispatch


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